Be a Safe Rider

Riding with care and control is a personal choice you make every time you operate a snowmobile. To make snowmobiling a safer recreational activity and reduce your own risk of personal injury or death, please:

  • Review your sled’s safety materials
  • Avoid alcohol until you are completely finished riding
  • Slow down while riding at night
  • Stay on OFSC trails
  • Keep to the right side of the trail
  • Slow down on corners and when cresting hills
  • Stop before crossing every road and railway track
  • Use the approved snowmobile hand signals
  • Wear an approved snowmobile helmet
  • Wear reflective clothing at night
  • Carry an emergency survival kit and cell phone
  • Remember, the legal provincial speed limits for snowmobiles are:

    1. Max. 50km/hr on trails
    2. Max. 20 km/hr on highways with car speed limits of 50 km/hr or less
    3. Max. 50 km/hr on highways with car speed limits of more than 50 km/hr