Survival Training Course

Full Day Workshop (which can also be done in 3 x 3 hrs evening sessions.)

$75 per adult and $50 per child (up to age 17).

A detailed itinerary will be available upon signing up for the course.

The full day workshop would include:

• Trip preparation and how to avoid getting lost.

• What to include in a survival kit. (We will have material available for use and purchase)

• Basic navigation skills – Staying found!

• Immediate actions to take when lost.

• The 7 enemies of survival and the psychology of survival.

• Starting, maintaining and extinguishing fires. (With and without matches.)

• Water collection and purification.

• Shelter building.

• Wilderness food sources and cooking techniques.

• Signalling and ensuring you are found by SAR.

• When and how to self-rescue.

Lunch and Transportation are not included in the cost, but can be arranged. Course material book is included.

2 Day Overnight Course

$200 per adult and $125 per child.

This more intensive course goes more in depth through the above topics (i.e. more advanced navigation skills, more fire starting techniques, time to prepare wilderness meals etc., and additional topics like making cordage, snares, traps and fishing techniques, basic field first aid etc.), and spending the night in your shelters (or you can opt to stay in a tent).  Dinner, breakfast & course material incldeeproots