Using Custom Numbers on Your Sled in Ontario

Custom numbers must be attached or painted on both sides of the cowling not less than 10 centimetres or more than 15 centimetres from the rear of the cowling. They must between 5 and 7.6 centimetres or more and have […]

Permit Placement

The Trail Permit is valid only when permanently affixed in the approved areas so that it is fully visible to a person standing 10 metres in front of the machine on its centerline. Permit Placement Tip: Remove the old permit […]

Legal Driving Requirements for Snowmobilers in Ontario

To snowmobile legally in Ontario, you must have: a valid driver’s license proof of snowmobile ownership registration complete with current validation tag insurance helmets An Ontario Trail Permit is required to travel on Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) Prescribed […]