Purchasing Your Permit

The OFSC has mandated that all permits must be purchased online at Please ensure you select Paudash Trail Blazers as your home club.   Only if you do so does a portion of the trail permit get allocated to the […]

Lost Permits - Online Reporting

In order to get a replacement permit, consumers must first file a police report.

The Ontario Provincial Police have an online reporting system which will assist permit buyers in reporting a lost or stolen permit. There are some exceptions to this as the individual filing the complaint must reside within an OPP jurisdiction.

The reporting site is very self explanatory and helpful when explaining the process to anyone looking to get a replacement permit.

OPP Online Reporting System

Note: Users of the site will be prompted to enter their city and select it from a map. If they do not fall within OPP jurisdiction, the site provides them with the name of their local police department. Also, the site is not compatible with mobile devices such as phone or tablets.