Feb 24 – Trails update – RED

Due to the unseasonably warm weather, current rain and thunderstorms in the forecast we are moving all of our currently open trails to RED. Hopefully next week’s colder weather will allow us to reopen some of the trails at that […]

Jan 21st – Quick update and check our Facebook page for frequent posts

More trails have been updated on ofsc.on.ca so please check. Mild weather this weekend will soften up trails but hopefully hold up for the weekend. Our Facebook page is getting quite busy these days, but if you don’t do Facebook, […]

Trails update

Trails update. Because of the lack of frost in the ground, we’re encountering too much water to get through swamps and have had a groomer get badly stuck another got damaged. As result, to preserve our equipment and protect our […]

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Paudash Trail Blazers

2 weeks 5 minutes ago

Paudash Trail Blazers shared a link.

Paudash Trail Blazers

3 weeks 4 days ago

Update. Unfortunately there are still too many dangerous parts on our trails to change any of our trails from red at this time. .

Paudash Trail Blazers

4 weeks 9 hours ago

Copy of our Paudash Trailblazers March 2017 newsletter sent out to permit holders and anyone that has signed up to receive (signup form on FB and website)

Paudash Trail Blazers

4 weeks 10 hours ago

We've been out assessing the trails and some sections of the trails are in really good shape, but there are some bad washouts. Still warm and meant to be getting 20 mils of rain before the it turns cold, so too early to get groomers out. Still optimistic that we can reopen some of our trails soon.

Paudash Trail Blazers

4 weeks 1 day ago

Another reason why you always need to watch your speed on the trails! Seriously!

Paudash Trail Blazers

1 month 2 days ago

UPDATE to my earlier post today. As a precaution, all our currently open trails are going RED. Rain and thunderstorms in forecast for next 24 hours. Hope this is temporary and will have trails back open as cold temperatures return. As always, check official trail status at OFSC website.


Paudash Trail Blazers

1 month 2 days ago

Check trail status before riding. The unseasonably warm weather has taken its toil on the trails. We are assessing trails and some will be going red. Base is good in some places, but road and open areas have suffered the worst. Late spring conditions in February! Use caution as washouts, bare rocks and mud is out there. It has been too warm to groom past few nights. Please message me or post here any trail conditions you are encountering. Weather does look better by end of next week and hope we still have something to work with. We'll attempt to keep it going as long as we can do so. WWW.OFSC.ON.CA

Paudash Trail Blazers

1 month 6 days ago

With the warm temperatures the last few days and amount of traffic, most of our green status trails have been changed to yellow until we can assess the conditions. Bare spots and rocks are visible in sections. Some grooming was possible last night and use caution if out on the E108 as there is a groomer out. Consult with the Interactive Trail Guide at ofsc.on.ca for all current conditions.

Paudash Trail Blazers

1 month 1 week ago

What a difference a year makes, last year -30, this year +11! A ton of traffic out there yesterday. My lake getting very slushy, careful not to get stuck and be extra cautious. Grooming cannot occur in positive temperatures and it didn't go below zero until 2am. It was not possible to send out any groomers last night. Not what I wanted report but hopefully cools off enough tonight to get out. Daytime positive temps predicted for the next week so next couple nights are key.