Message we received this week…..Please respect private property!

“Guys I hope you all have been having a great summer. And sorry for having to come to you with another complaint. I wish it was not necessary.

However problems with trespassing ATV’s have been a worse problem than usual this summer. And if it does not stop, I will be forced to close my property for use by the snowmobile association.

I have had my gates knocked down twice this year, I have had to argue with ATV drivers trespassing almost every time I am at my property. And even when I fall trees to block the snowmobile trail, they cut them up like they own the place.

I like you do not know the solution. And like you all know a few “bad apples” end up ruining it for everyone.

Everyone knows that the snowmobiles do not damage the trails or cause any harm because everything is covered with snow and frozen. The ATV’s cut ruts into the soil, that traps water, which leads to ponding, puddles, washouts and not long after torn up trails. And jeeps are the worse things for any trails.

Years ago the snowmobile association would help me install gates, signs, etc. to help stop the ATV’s when they could. But over the past few years they inform me that they have no budget or time available to help anymore. And because my trail is not part of the ATV trail system, that association do not help me either. Yet the majority of the ATV’s trespassing on my property are using it to link between the ATV trail systems.

I really need you guys to get together and come up with a plan to help me and any other landowners who are experiencing the same problem.

Anything you can do to help better educate the public, sign the trails as not being ATV trails, coming out and enforcing those who trespass, charging trespassers, helping fix up the damage caused by the trespassing ATV’s, helping replace knocked down gates, etc. would be appreciated.

And stop the jeeps. Make trail entrances unpassable to jeeps.

If I have one more problem in the next three months I will be forced to close this trail to the snow mobile club, and that will be a shame, as they are not the ones causing the problems.

Again anything you can do to help (new solid steel gates that cannot be knocked down) more signs, more enforcement should eventually get the message across. But it is not fair that I have to do this on my own.

FYI: I have owned this property since 1994. Back then three wheel ATV’s were the most common and the snowmobile trail system provided miles and miles to explore, with no rutting or trail damage. Then the four wheel ATV’s took over and the rutting started and the trails quickly deteriorated. Than the jeeps completely destroyed the trails. Even the ATV association will end up with no trails for their riders to use, as they will be impassable to most. This is a real problem that needs a new approach.

Thank you”

So this is something we’ll be working on this weekend to hope we can help and keep a long time landowner and supporter of the club. Please help get the message out to respect private property before we lose any more of our trails.

Monthly meeting

Monthly meeting this Thursday August 18th 7pm at the Woodview Public Library, 66 Northeys Bay Rd, Woodview, ON K0L 3E0.

We are looking for volunteers, no experience necessary. Please email for more information……  Mark Ayles at

End of season message


Our thanks to our permit holders for supporting us during this difficult season.
Also special thanks to our groomer operators who have persevered in trying to get trails ready under difficult circumstances. Despite the lack of snow we managed to clock over 700 hours on our three groomers.
Roger Van Katwijk has done great work keeping our aging fleet of tractors on the trails so we want to recognize him as well.

We have begun our  planning for next season and welcome volunteers and comments.   Our annual general meeting is planned for  May 14th in Cardiff and welcome all to attend.

Have a great summer and let’s hope for a big snow year next season.

Brian McKinlay

message from the club

It’s been a frustrating season for our sport given the limited snow and warmer weather. We wanted to send a note to let you know that even though the trails are closed we have been working very hard behind the scenes. All the normal pre-season maintenance work on groomers and quite a lot of trail clearing as a result of freezing rain and wind storms in late fall.
We were able to get initial grooming done on many trails only to see the work wiped out by mild temps and rain.
Regardless of the weather, we unfortunately we have quite a lot of fixed costs associated with insurance, heat and hydro, bridge repairs, building maintenance and equipment repairs as our groomers are reaching maturity.
We have all the groomers ready, trails are cleared and signed.  We just need help with the weather so we all can get out and enjoy our fantastic trails. Thank you for your continued support as our club runs on a portion of the permit sales checked off (Paudash Trail Blazers) by you.  We are always looking for help with all aspects of running the club.  Please contact Mark Ayles at (416) 755-7131 or
Have a great and safe family day weekend.
Paudash Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club

Annual Cookout Saturday February 6, 2016

Update; Cook out still goes ahead regardless of weather.  This would not be the first year for poor snow conditions and more Cars/Trucks then sleds.  Dyno Rd to West Eels lake Rd; take first right and follow to Clubhouse.  Feel free to bring a classic sled to add to the display.  Same good times as always, same place.  See you Saturday!  613 339 3380.


Mark your calendar for the Annual Cookout at the Paudash Trail Blazers Clubhouse Saturday February 6, 2016 from 9:30am-3:00pm – this event will run regardless of the weather.

Enjoy delicious burgers, hot dogs, coffee, hot chocolate and cold drinks served by club volunteers and it’s all FREE, so come out for a terrific time.

Gateway Powersport will be attending – details shortly.

Meet and get to know the PTBSC executive, staff and volunteers.

The day is open to the general public and is always a great success so plan on attending and bring the whole family!  If you are interested in making a prize donation please call Bryan or Lynne Sage @ (705) 748-6170 or email

Thanks for supporting your club!

Trails Update

With Recent Ice and Windstorms we are working on getting thru the trails with the tractors.  We have had a lot of rain this fall and so far this winter.  Finally some snow and now cold weather is allowing things to freeze up but we still need more snow.  ATV’s and erosion have created a lot of trail damage over the summer.  We have had to break open spots that are not frozen and pack what ever snow we have for things to set up properly.  With that said there are still a lot of hazards on the trails.  We also have to make sure all signage is in order.  It should not be long now.

We are still working on Landowner and MNR issues to establish a new E trail from Hwy 118 to Cope Lake road Harcourt.  Please use E108 to 608 Hadlington to 606 Railtrail to 605 Wilberforce to Harcourt; to pick up E again going north.  We will mark this re-route soon.  Same route as last year.

Beware of Logging on 626 Fishtail lake trail.  We are not sure at this time whether there will be logging on E trail headed towards Haliburton such as last year.

Please refer to OFSC interactive trail map for current trail conditions.

Paudash Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club

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